Changing Where Screenshots are Saved in MacOS

If you’ve taken a screenshot in MacOS (with Cmd+3 or Cmd+4), you’ll notice that by default these screenshots are saved to your desktop. After you’ve taken a couple of screenshots, your desktop will start to get rather cluttered…

Cluttered Desktop

Getting a little crowded in here…

If you’re looking to change where these screenshots are saved, you’d be hard pressed to find the location that these files are placed in System Preferences (it’s not in there…). However, with a quick trip to the terminal, you can place those screenshots wherever you want them.

Creating a Screenshots Directory

First, you need a directory to place your screenshots (I’m creating a “Screenshots” directory in my “Pictures” directory), which can be created with the following command:

mkdir ~/Pictures/Screenshots

Change the Screenshot Default Location

Next, you need to change the default location where your screenshots are saved and restart the System UI Server:

defaults write location ~/Pictures/Screenshots
killall SystemUIServer

Now, none of the above commands will provide you with any feedback, however you can test out your new settings by taking a screenshot. If your screenshots are showing up in the Screenshots directory you created, you’re good to go!

Cluttered Desktop No More!

Much better!